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Why Engage AMDI

When you choose the AMDI you are also selecting our international reputation for excellence for both consultancy and training solutions. Here is the summary of some of the reasons why you should work with us.

  • Has a network of leading UK-based, regional and international dedicated consultants and trainers with relevant global experience and qualifications in their subject areas
  • Provides modularised programmes making it easy to customise them to suit your specific training needs.
  • Has a focused and coherent approach to meeting the needs of individuals and organisations
  • Has built-in follow-up complimentary services, tools and products that enhance and extend the training knowledge and experience
  • Employs multimedia presentations with audio, video and graphics to enhance the effectiveness and communication impact its trainers
  • Uses accelerated learning techniques that combine theoretical input with real life scenarios to enhance knowledge and skills development
  • Accredited by Institute of Consulting