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ISO 27001 Information Security


Information security breaches can be costly because of increasing fines for personal data breaches and failure to comply with the applicable legislative requirements. Organisations need to respond to the rising customer expectations in relation to information security and ensure that stakeholders have confidence in the security arrangements of personal information ISO 27001 provides the framework for the management of information security risks and incorporates the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to your organisation. The standard helps you to implement policies, procedures and operating standards that ensure easy identification of risks to information and put in place measures to manage or reduce them. As the standard is risk based, it delivers an appropriate and affordable level of information security both electronically and physically.


  • Avoiding incidents of information breached and therefore reducing cost
  • Smoother running operations as responsibilities and processes are clearly defined
  • Improved business image in the marketplace – customers have peace of mind that your company is trustworthy
  • Working with a trustworthy provider maintains the company’s own integrity to the safeguarding of its data
  • Installs confidence further down the supply chain resulting in stronger customers / supplier relationships
  • Having appropriate access controls in place lowers the risk of accidental exposure to employees of confidential/sensitive information
  • Reassurance that their employer is meeting data handling security guidelines
  • Defines clearly and precisely roles and responsibilities therefore job satisfaction and productivity are increased