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Consultancy Directory

Our suit of consulting solutions stems from the creation of well-balanced strategies in max- imising corporate value to the achievement of competitive superiority with specific focus on Management Strategy, Business Transfor- mation and Human Capital Management. Ever tougher stakeholder demands, changing busi- ness conditions and increased competition means you need better operational control, performance and risk management systems. AMDI provides the following consultancy ser- vices;


  • Review of existing business visions and mission statements and recommend appropriate changes
  • Determination of performance-based objectives, strategic initiatives and key performance indica- tors of the strategic recommendations
  • Detailed analysis of strengths, weakness, opportu- nities and threats to provide informed basis for strategy formulation
  • Development and implementation support of effective communication strategies and plans


  • Implementation of effective Quality Management System (QMS) that offers a clearly structured, systematic approach to business operations
  • Implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS) that demonstrate that you address and minimise your environmental impact and continuously improve your environmental perfor- mance
  • Implementation of certified, robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) and effec- tive Information Security Controls (ISC) that pro- tect your data from computer-assisted fraud, sab- otage and viruses and other information risks
  • Implementation of an effective Risk Management Systems (RMS) the ensures that your organisation understands the overall level of risks embedded within your processes and activities and address the potential risks to achieve objectives and attain your desired level of reward.
  • Development of clear and transparent standard operating procedures and associated KPI's for effective and efficient monitoring of performance
  • Business structure formation – review and recom- mendation of structures that support strategies


We provide human capital solutions that enhance business superiority through;

  • Transformation of human resource systems to ensure they support organisational development
  • Review of job descriptions and skills require- ments for each position
  • Personal and organisational development solu- tions
  • Developing people through learning and feed- back
  • Performance review, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms

Financial Strategy

AMDI, while emphasizing the balance between controls and efficiency, of- fers a comprehensive range of services, the scope of which includes account- ing, finance and enterprise management, supporting transformation of the accounting/ finance division toward achieving the most suitable operational structure. Main services include;

  • Financial forecasting and planning
  • Business Planning—constructing new plans and reviewing existing plans
  • Financial due diligence
  • Financial control, systems development and risk management
  • Development of business cases

CRM Strategies

Based on the profound knowledge and know-how accumulated through a number of projects, AMDI Consulting will focus on the followings;

  • CRM process standardisation
  • CRM solution strategy and roadmap
  • Development of customer feedback and complaint system

Internal Control

Our internal control consulting services include;

  • Development of Internal Controls Process
  • Assessment of Existing Controls
  • Review of Existing Controls—Enhancement and Documentation
  • Internal Controls Validation
  • Fraud Investigation, Deterrence and Prevention