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Change Management and Cultural Transformation


Organisations seeking to adapt during turbulent times – like now- cannot force change through purely technical approaches such as restructuring, reorganisation and reengineering. They need a new kind of leadership capability to reframe dilemmas, reinterpret options, and reform operations – and to do so continuously.
Successful implementation and sustainability of transformational change requires Senior Management to evolve new mind-set that enables individuals, teams and the entire organisation to adapt, grow and prepare for future challenges. Reshaping culture is challenging, yet extremely powerful, since it touches the heart of what drives people and performance. Effective leaders must therefore model the right attitudes, use appropriate management styles, and send consistent messages to the organisation.

Profile of participants

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • General Managers
  • Heads of Departments

Benefits of attending

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

Increase engagement within the top leadership team that links through leadership down into employees throughout the organisation

  • Implement change with greater speed and flexibility, allowing the organisation to move faster in response to change and challenges
  • Improve ability to create shared direction, alignment and commitment throughout the organisation
  • Facilitate the development of talent and culture while implementing the business strategy
  • Comprehend the core dynamics of change: triggers, politics, targets, effects, etc.
  • Understand what distinguishes successful from unsuccessful change processes
  • Adapt, innovate and create new business opportunities after developing a greater understanding of the dynamics of change and the common pitfalls.
  • Assess the organisations ability to change and understand how to benchmark this against best practice 
  • Communicate the rationale for change effectively and frame the change in ways that resonates with a diverse set of stakeholders 
  • Offer immediate and practical solutions for executing successful change strategies throughout the organisation

Specific areas to be covered

Change Management and strategic focus

  • The role of change in creating a sustainable and competitive organisation
  • The psychology of change and why it is difficult
  • Combining the rational and emotional cases for change
  • Procedural tactics of influence: constructing the platform for change message
  • Cognitive tactics of influence: presenting choices and options to inspire others
  • Aligning change to organisational strategy

Rising above current beliefs and practices

  • Uncovering elements of successful interdependence on which to expand
  • Crafting a leadership strategy – understanding the pool of people in the pipeline
  • Transforming the executive team first – develop their readiness for change
  • Take time out for learning